Which Borderline Personality Disorder Patients Are at Increased Risk for Suicide Attempts?

Suicide attempts were associated with borderline personality disorder (BPD) with chronic emptiness, according to results of a cross-sectional study published in JAMA Network Open. Researchers from Yale University School of Medicine and the State University of New York at Albany analyzed data from the National Epidemiological Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions-III (NESARC-III). Noninstitutionalized adults (N=36,309) … Read more

3 Reasons for High Suicide Rates in People With Borderline Personality Disorder

Among all of the mental illnesses, research has shown people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) have not only the highest number of suicide attempts, but also the highest rates of completion. Some studies have the numbers as high as 70% of people with BPD will attempt suicide at least once in their lifetime, while many will have multiple attempts and the death … Read more

To The Person Who Feels Suicidal But Doesn’t Want To Die

Everyone assumes that if you have suicidal thoughts that means you want to die. From an outside perspective, suicidal thoughts are rarely looked into deeper than the surface level. Either you have suicidal thoughts and you want to die, or you don’t have suicidal thoughts and you want to live. What most people don’t understand is that … Read more