Cannabis Oil in your Navel for Medicinal Purposes.

Pechoti Intake Method
Can You Put Cannabis In Your Belly Button?

At the End of the Umbilical Cord is the Chest Glandula that remains after Birth. Every Human Being Has A Chest Gland. It’s connected to more than 72,000 nerves that run around the body to various organs and tissues.


By applying Cannabis Oil to the Umbilical cord and using the Pechoti administration method, cannabinoids have the ability to reach every part of your body.


This is something no other method of delivery can provide.


Decades of prohibition have buried this plant and the traditional methods of consumption, such as the delivery by Pechoti.

We continue to find new ways to ingest the plant. There are edibles, topical, vaping, bongs, sodas, touch and sublinguals, to name a few. Maybe it’s the creative powers of cannabis in action.


While the Pechoti method has gained attention online recently, it is far from new. While it is unclear the exact date on which the Pechoti method was created, we know that it is used in Ayurvedic traditions, an ancient Indian medical system known as one of the oldest health care systems.


So what is the Pechoti Method, how does it work and who should I use it?.

The method of Pechoti, or Nabhi Chikitsa in the Ayurveda traditions, refers to putting oil in the navel for medicinal purposes. Oils such as tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil are often used for their antibacterial and antiviral properties.


Since cannabinoids are known to reduce nausea, fight inflammation and destroy cancer cells to name a few, it is natural that practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine turn to cannabis oil. Since it doesn’t metabolism in the liver, it’s not psychoactive.


This administration system is named after the Pechoti gland, which is believed to be behind the belly button and continues to exist after cutting the umbilical cord.


The Intestine contains many cannabinoid receptors and determines central nervous system disorders. Therefore, when applying cannabis oil to the belly button, it systematically absorbed throughout the body. In Ayurveda, this intake method is an integrated approach to endocrinology, both with cannabis and other herbs.

The endocrine system and its hormones are the cause of many of the common diseases that affect human existence. You should use the most organic, cleanest oil extraction you can have to get maximum efficiency, and she adds that Rick Simpson oil works too.

Who can benefit from it?

The Pechoti method is similar to cannabis prescriptions, because it is systemicaly absorbed by its entire system instead of locating in one spot, but it’s not psychoactive.


It’s an option for children or those who don’t react well or can’t ingest cannabis, such as a pregnant woman battling morning nausea or a cancer patient experiencing nausea and vomiting. However, anyone can put cannabis oil in their belly button.


People who have central nervous system disorders, neurological disorders, endocrine system attacks or gastrointestinal problems, all of which are associated with chronic diseases, can benefit form the Pechoti method.

Herbalists, Naturopathians, Ayurvedic methods and other traditional ways have trusted this method of taking herbs strong enough to pass the test of time. We need more research to fully understand its benefits, but you probably won’t hurt yourself if you relax with a little cannabis oil, in your belly button.


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